In these days of isolation and worry, writing can be cathartic.
Use this time wisely and you can look back and see it was a constructive time.

How to start writing your memoir??

Think about why you want to write a memoir. My reason was to pass memories to grandchildren before they were lost.

Get a dedicated notebook or start a file and note down some of your memories.

Try then to shuffle them into date order.

Look through old photo albums for triggers

Talk to older members of your family about what they remember – write it down. What age were you?

Do some online research, say, what was happening the day you were born. What was happening in that year.

Do you remember?
A neighbour
A gossipy aunt
a loving grandmother
your first school

Do you have school friends who can fill you in. Email them or phone them up. Find them on Facebook.

For example I was born in Harpenden, Hertfordshire and there is a FB page where people post memories. This can help trigger your own memories.

Read other memoirs. Ebooks. Blurbs on Amazon

Covid 19 isolation and shutdown means no libraries open but see what you can find.

Make a start. One hour a day. Keep re-reading your notes and more memories will flash up.

Good luck and happy writing.

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