Retirement Slave

From Should I Wear Floral and Other Poems on Life, Love and Leaving by Di Castle

Retirement slave
What’s for lunch?
He always asks.
What are you doing?
Daily tasks!

Where’s the salt?
On the table.
What are you doing?
All I am able!

What’s for dinner?
My answer is rude.
Where are you going?
Shopping for food!

What will you get?
Some milk and some bread.
When will you be back
So I can be fed?

Did you buy cake?
Oh why does he nag?
You’ve forgotten my paper!
My shoulders now sag?

Why are you crying?
Why look so sad ………?
………I’m remembering workdays
And the peace that I had.

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About the author Di Castle

Before moving to The Purbecks in 2001, Di enjoyed a nomadic existence in Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and South Bucks. She now lives in a Victorian building overlooking Swanage Bay with views towards Bournemouth and Old Harry Rocks. She has three daughters and seven grandchildren.

Di always had a love of words, writing as soon as she could hold a pen. She then taught in further and higher education for 35 years while collecting a hoard of unfinished manuscripts.

After gaining two first prizes and highly commended awards at Winchester Writers’ Conference she began blogging in 2012 and now writes for several websites including her own blog at

Grandma’s Poetry Book (published 2014) is a nostalgic, humorous memoir spanning sixteen years capturing the experience of a first-time grandmother on her sometimes wobbly journey.

Her latest book Should I Wear Floral takes a humorous peek at life, love and leaving over the last twenty-five years. The poems stem from observations, eavesdropping and experience while several originated with news stories and memorable events such as the deaths of Princess Diana, the Queen Mother and Spike Milligan. Learn about the ‘Look Down Generation’, the ‘Boomerang Generation’ and those annoying people who are Always There.

Both books open a window on many familiar situations everyone will recognise.

Included in ‘Floral’ is a collection of poems with a Swanage theme to celebrate the home town of both author and illustrator, Denise Horn.

Grandma’s Poetry Book is out now. To buy a copy email me on
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Twitter @dinahcas
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