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Princess Diana

Royal Memories

August 1997

Seems yesterday that August night
Our English Rose lost her light.
A royal mother lost in France.
An accident or… perhaps just chance?
Two men still wonder ‘Why take her’?
As papers, radio, tv infer.
Driven to death, last fast chase.
Media rueing loss of face.

Kensington Gardens, the flowers adorned
Laid by those who came and mourned.
In disbelief they stood and gazed
Deep in thought, time erased.

Two friends to London on a train.
September light and passing refrain.
Reflecting on the news forlorn
Sad grey Sunday, death at dawn.

Before us the Palace, its presence frigid,
She tried; her brief light easing the rigid.
Flowers strewn, notes lit with kisses.
Our light snuffed out, so much she misses.

Then gun carriage for her bed.
Father, sons and husband led.
Westminster Abbey – a brother’s pain.
A light we shall not see again.

Sad royal life ended young.
Lumps in throats when hymns are sung.
Tears from thousands flocking to see
A pageant of our royalty.

Lining route – a silent crowd.
Flowers are thrown and heads are bowed.
No more light on lovely face.
Althorp’s lake her resting place.

From Should I Wear Floral (and other poems on Life, Love and Leaving) by Di Castle (illustrated by Denise Horn)

Should I Wear Floral and other poems takes a humorous peek at life, love and leaving during many changes in society over the last twenty-five years, FLORAL COVER PICwhile also celebrating landmark events in Britain.
Included are more personal fun verses written for family birthdays, weddings, and funerals
and adapted for this book.

The work by illustrator Denise Horn, has been likened in reviews to that of EH Sheppard of the
A A Milne books and her hilarious, laugh-out-loud illustrations again capture the essence of every poem.
From the irritations of mobile phones, holiday air flights, weight gain, the ageing process and stages of life to the joys of love and marriage, the quirks of retirement and sadness of separation and loss, these poems open a window on many familiar situations everyone will recognise

About Di
I am a writer living in Swanage. Born and bred in Hertfordshire, I always
had a love of words, writing as soon as I could hold a pen. My sister is
profoundly deaf and I have a passionate interest in raising deaf awareness.
After my youngest daughter went to school I began a career teaching in
Further Education, while collecting a hoard of unfinished manuscripts.
Later, my writing took precedence and, since becoming a regular attendee at
the Winchester Writers’ Conference, I have enjoyed success in their
competitions gaining two first prizes and highly commended awards for
articles on a range of subjects. I began blogging in 2012 and as well as
issues surrounding deafness I blog on mental health, dyslexia, writing and
anything topical that stirs me to fire up the computer. You can read my
blogs here: My poetry collection, Grandma’s
Poetry Book, was self-published by Matador in November 2014. I have other
books in progress and there is interest from agents in my memoir of growing
up with a deaf sibling. Before moving to Swanage in 2001, I enjoyed a
nomadic existence in Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and South Bucks.
I live close to my partner, Bryan, in a Victorian building overlooking
Swanage Bay with views towards Bournemouth and Old Harry Rocks. I have three
daughters and seven grandchildren.

I published Grandma’s Poetry Book in 2014, Should I Wear Floral And Other Poems on Life Love and Leaving in 2017 and have written for websites such as, , Gransnet and Depression Alliance.