They’re Always There

How many times have you thought that the most irritating people seem to seek you out and cause annoyance? Quite often I would think.  The following poem is from Should I Wear Floral and other poems on Life, Love and Leaving due out on 28th April

 They’re Always There


They’re always there

Tattooed men and yobs so loud

The iphones, and the ding ding ring

The scruffy looking crowd.


They’re always there on rush hour trains

The teens, the mobile addict pains.

Gurgly coughs and throaty laughs.

Stomach burps not done in halves.


They’re always there, with noisy kids

People who click, click coffee cup lids.

And slurp and burp, blow bubbles through straws

Chew and crunch apples in their jaws.


They’re always there, the kids on our bus

With noses oozing streams of pus.

One is wailing, ‘want a wee’

Too late, it’s dribbling … right near me.


They’re always there, at the beach near us

With children who scream and make lots of fuss.

Then dig dry sand and let it fly

Floating upwards into your eye.


They’re always there, too close on the beach

With parents shouting within our reach.

They pitch their tent, then start to smoke.

Ignore us when we cough and choke.


When wet they shelter in our doors

Let dogs jump up with dirty paws.

Dripping cagoules and stinky shoes

Black bag ready for puppy’s poos.


They always park up tight alongside

Whenever we drive to park and ride.

Despite the vacant fifty spaces

They’ve passed with blank and blinkered faces.


They’re always there in the waiting room

The know-it-all and speakers of doom.

Mindless, endless, brainless chatter

Airing views on senseless matter.


They’re always there with big loud voices

Discussing at length their pub food choices

The winner is a yawning bore.

Whatever you’ve got, he’s got more.


They’re always there, in the restaurant,

Laughing and shouting for what they want.

They’re always there, at parents’ night

Telling all their kids are bright.


They’re always there in the shopping queue

Their trolley gently nudging you.

Terminal refuses the card ahead

As they try three more, you wish them dead!

© Di Castle

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My debut, Grandma’s  Poetry Book, is available by post via or on my website .

This poetry collection spans sixteen years capturing the experience of a first-time grandmother on her sometimes wobbly journey in her new role. It includes many facets of unmissable moments and childhood milestones, some humorous and others more poignant, even sad.  Such treasured times can easily be forgotten so the book acts as a nostalgic memoir. Touching and funny in turn, readers will be reminded of the joys of witnessing childhood development and the effect o n their own lives. Even those yet to reach grandparenthood including fathers, aunties and primary school children have already enjoyed reading this book. Grandma’s Poetry Book makes an ideal gift for new grandparents, birthdays, Christmas and Mothers’ Day and many readers have returned to buy more copies for friends and relations. Each poem has its own laugh-out-loud illustration by an artist who has been likened to E H Sheppard.

Some comments have included ‘Pam Ayres meets Winnie the Pooh’, ‘made me laugh, made me cry’, ‘charming book’ and ‘every grandparent should have one’.

OUT SOON  SHOULD I WEAR FLORAL and other poems on Life, Love and Leaving, By Di Castle and illustrated by Denise Horn.

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