Life Friend


Love erupted, flashed in a day,

Changed life from slow to fast

A feisty ‘stop ‘n go’ affair

Which no-one thought would last!


Passion enflamed, excitement aroused

Sparks kindled electric charge

Sleep disturbed, thoughts thrown asunder

Am I dreaming, is this a mirage!


Treasured are all the laughs you’ve evoked

The giggles, the touch of the hand

The secret codes, the wink that declares

Against the world we stand.


Cherish the moment sharing the chores

Comfort when news is the worst

Planning how to make special each day

Thinking and putting each first.


But even Love can show some vexation

when harassed or harassing too

Making lovers aware of the meaning of life

And a compromise of view.



Creative spirits, divergent paths

Separate ways, freedom favoured

Brief intermission – rest and respite

But love and loyalty never wavered.


Precious and valued, you’re always there

When others go hurtling by

Helping me weather the storms of life

And never saying that goodbye.


copyright Di Castle

to appear in Should I Wear Floral and other poems on Love, Life and Leaving by Di Castle, illustrated by Denise A Horn



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