Christmas is coming

29 Christmas is ComingChristmas is Coming

Christmas is coming.

The money’s getting thin

But, must buy some biscuits

To put in Nanny’s tin.

Christmas is coming.

Our birds the nest have flown.

But now they’re breeding by the score.

Our family has grown.

We thought that when they flew away

Spare cash would fill the coffers,

But now the Christmas gifts are wrapped,

We live on special offers!

The goodies bought for number one

No longer are the fad.

How old is grandchild number three?

Asks quite confused Grandad.

We think we’ve got it right at last

For grandchild number four.

But what to get for number five

We really are not sure.

No Bob the Builder, Barbie Doll.

She’s far too young for that

Sweets are out and so’s TV.

Oh … hmmm ……. What to give their cat?

Christmas is coming.

The kids will make a din,

And that is just the parents.

The child is sleeping in.

Christmas is coming.

We’re off to shop again.

Cupboard’s bare of headache pills

And … .. oh  ..don’t forget the gin

Christmas is coming.

I’ll take it on the chin.

I’ll spend it now …. while waiting for

That elusive lottery win.

Christmas is coming.

I need that lottery win

To buy the food we’ll never eat

That ends up in the bin!

©  Grandma’s Poetry Book November 2014


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