Mothers’ Day

MOTHER TO MOTHER (From Grandma’s Poetry Book)

On 10th of March 2002
I send this little rhyme to you.
To thank you in a special way
as we celebrate Mothers’ Day.

This message comes right from the heart.
Through prayers and travel from the start,
from daughter, sister, girlfriend, lover,
you found yourself as Amy’s mother.

Now you know a mother’s pleasure
interacting with her treasure –
listening to each coo and sound
fun and laughter all around.

Motherhood is life’s first-class,
as every day new milestones pass.
A special smile, a special word.
She’s talking now – what’s that you heard?

Those sleepless nights, the teething tears
Helping them dispel their fears.
The jabs, the spots, each dirty nappy,
so strange all this can make you happy!

But childhood passes in a flash,
as through our busy lives we dash,
to earn a crust, keep fit and feed,
homework to do, books to read.

Mothers’ Days will come round fast.
Quicker each year than those long past.
They evoke in us a reflective mood,
gazing proudly on our brood.

So make the most of all those days –
let her linger in childlike ways.
Remember she’s on loan to you.
In God’s great plan she’s more to do.

First give her roots and wings she’ll grow
and very soon before you know,
she’ll fly the nest like you before
and you’ll not have her any more.

This poem appears in Grandma’s Poetry Book by Di Castle.
Available on her website or from Matador (Troubador Publishing)
A gentle reminder. No part of this poem can be reproduced in any form or performed aloud without the express permission of the author.


10 thoughts on “Mothers’ Day

  1. This brought tears to my eyes. My mother lives in another state and I miss her dreadfully. This is a lovely tribute and writing it for your granddaughter makes it even more so – passing down the generations the wisdom.

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