What happened

What Happened

What’s happened to this life,
in rubbish tip, in bags?
A bag of Christmas paper,
card boxes and some tags.

Some photos and a frame or two,
showing happy faces.
Views and beaches, parks and walks
in all her favourite places.

One card reads ‘Mum we love you,
we’ll be down Christmas Day!’
There’s other cards from people
You’re 80! Happy Day!

A Christmas list, names are crossed.
A few are marked ‘deceased’.
Friends have gone, are sorely missed.
Grim Reaper’s been a beast.

A silly hat, a blower too.
Some tinsel for the tree?
These remnants of a life well-lived
it could be you or me!

A starry decoration
still folded in its pack.
No use this year as Santa Klaus
appears to have the sack.

A card to ‘someone special’
waiting for the pen.
For someone Christmas time this year
will not be round again.

© Di Castle


One thought on “What happened

  1. You posted a link over at dVerse (and you also commented on my poem), but your link at dVerse does not work. No idea here which poem you are linking. I don’t think this one fits the prompt over there, does it? I don’t see anything related to Grace’s prompt in it….so I am a bit confused what you linked.

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