September Daze

This is rather late but prompted by another teacher blog

A brand new year in Further Ed

Enrolment joys in store.

Interviewing students,

And meetings with furore.

The Leader’s gone – they know not why.

Rooms locked and desks gone too.

No-one told the teachers

Prep must be done in loo.

Staffrooms moved, what a state.

No admin bod in view.

Have to teach, but understaffed.

CRBs aren’t through.

Desks left dumped in the gym,

A heap of files to sort.

Where to sit? Chairs all gone.

Tempers are quite fraught.

No-one to help, all too busy,

Interviewing wannabees,

With grades too low for other place,

But think they are bees knees.

Few students speak the language,

But nothing can be said.

Must go to in-house classes,

And learn their tongue instead.

New students with long beards and hair,

Not sure if girls or men.

Equal ops means mustn’t ask,

Just tick the box again.

Managers in abundance.

Teachers are quite rare.

Outnumbered by asylum seekers,

And staffroom now all share.

New staffroom sees a battle

For window seat with view.

Of staff cars with their rust and grime

And students’ cars brand new.

Humping desks Jean and Jane,

Are side by side again.

Moaning about H and S,

Retirement with back pain?

Hunt is on for course assignments,

But the writer left last term.

Taking masters with her,

To teach at her new firm.

Nothing on the floppies,

Hard drive wiped by techs.

New to education,

Unused to trailing flex!

The IT rooms aren’t ready.

They’re being decorated.

Inspection coming shortly.

Guv wants us five-star rated.

So give the kids a handout

With the keyboard picture on.

Inspectors won’t know different.

They’ll think it’s good ‘hands on’.

Forms to fill, ticking boxes

Takes priority.

Another glossy cover-up.

A new year in FE.

© Di Castle (retired!)


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