I remember, I remember,

My Dad when I was small.

Sitting in school audience,

Distinguished, handsome, tall.

Digging in the garden,

Building rockery.

Growing scented flowers,

That my mother loved to see.

Building me a swing,

Toy theatre, dolls house, cot.

What my heart was ever set on,

You could be sure I got.

Through his teeth a unique whistle

Told us exactly where he stood

In a crowd, or off exploring

Beach, common, forest, wood.

Then when my mother passed,

On pedestal he placed me.

For years he treated and he spoiled

Kindness, goodness graced me.

He was never to be old,

Or needy like some,

Or dependent on homecare

Waiting for carers to come.

He died too far too young.

Nicotine took the blame.

But it stopped me from smoking,

And life was never the same.


8 thoughts on “Remember?

  1. sad…nicotine takes far too many…once it gets its hooks in them….hard to lose a parent as well…my wife lost her mom a few years back…one of the hardest times of our lives…

  2. Your father had an amazing impact on you through his love for both you and your mother. It’s sad that he was hooked on nicotine but at least you learned from it. This is a great poem.

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