Excuse me if I smash your phone

Excuse me if I smash your phone,

And dump it down the drain.

We really do not want to hear,

‘Hello, I’m on the train’.


Excuse me if I smash your phone,

I know you’re on this train.

And I’m really not that interested,

In your week-long trip to Spain.


Excuse me if I smash your phone,

The quiet zone should do it.

I’d like to splice it from your ear,

And let my shredder chew it.


Excuse me if I smash your phone,

Your ailments make me sick.

You’d better hide it in your bag,

Or I’ll grab it double quick.


Excuse me if I smash your phone,

Your eyes don’t leave the screen.

We’re on a date, our eyes should meet,

Are mine blue, or brown or green?


Excuse me if I smash your phone,

And dump it in the bin.

Its silly jingle woke me up,

And made an awful din.


Excuse me if I smash your phone,

But this is better honey.

I’ll take it, dial NYC,

And cost you lots of money.


Excuse me if I smash your phone,

They should legislate against them.

Make a law, impose some fines,

But for now I’ll gladly smash ‘em.


18 thoughts on “Excuse me if I smash your phone

  1. smiles… yeah…they can be a pest – eh.. i mean i really love my smartphone but def. we have to learn to use it respectful – and the people who sits in front of me is always more important than a blinking screen…

  2. Ha — your poem made me smile, but it really was right on target. We really do not need to be subjected to others’ conversations in public areas. Smashing these offending phones sounds like a good idea. Smiles.

  3. This was a fun one…loved the rhyme. I could definitely be a phone smasher. It irritates me when someone has to take it with them on a nature walk…won’t mention any names. I just don’t get it! I have to remind myself to look at mine once in awhile.

  4. I feel like smashing them myself ~ There’s a time for checking, and there’s a time for real face to face conversation ~ I think this is a dying art specially among the young ~

  5. A quick text, I am busy, I will call you back. On a preset is all that is really necessary. I have had those mental thoughts. Esp. in a restaurant, geez. If you meet someone they must be important for you to be in front of them! I so love the repetitions in your verses they build up an emotion that we should refrain from very well done.

  6. haha i understand the frustration…if i did not have to have a phone, i would not…so much wrapped up in it…the need to always be available…and to ignore everyone else…cant stand being with someone on the phone…

    glad you made it back di….hope you enjoy reading some of the others…

  7. Please don’t smash mine yet..

    until i finish this comment..
    just kidding…

    i get tired of it too..

    i just dance instead in public..
    and no one dares ask me..

    to smash my dance..:)

    but nah..
    not everyone likes it..

    but i am free..;)

    So i just smile instead..
    and say..

    will you dance with me..:)

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