A school too far?

About a year ago, some residents in the village where my grandchildren live discovered there was a plan to build a secondary school in their small village despite ample existing school places. How this school got any permission beats me but the plans were well advanced before villagers noticed how their environment would be desecrated with ten 100-seater coaches arriving each day and leaving – their route passing a local hospital via narrow roads typically found in a village situation.

Yes the coaches would bring children from north-west London to school in this quiet Buckinghamshire village. It was not a school intended for local schoolchildren although its presence will now mean parents have to pay transport costs to send their children to school outside the village. With no shortage of places at the surrounding schools there was NO need for this school to even get off the drawing board. The company took over a building and merely requested change of use. How this could happen in 2013 is a source of amazement to me and to my family.

Despite much resistance the school opened in September but had permission only for one year.

Why should we be concerned about this? Well this could happen to your area. Planners need to protect rural areas and their residents.

Concernedvillager blogs in depth on this topic http://wp.me/41gij


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