What happened to my New Year Resolution, writing routines and the Winchester Writers’ Conference

I have just found a draft blog written in the new year which announces that I am going to write for three hours a day, this being my new year resolution. Well I didn’t keep it of course but I have to say that I have done a fair amount of scribbling in notebooks especially during my recent phase in hospital and then recovering at home.

The best way to keep to a writing routine is to set aside a time and place when you will writer each day. I find sitting at my desktop computer feels too much like ‘work’ but to sit with my laptop on my knee and tap away while watching Loose Women or some other tv programme does not hold the same feeling. It is far less stressful and I find I can easily write 1000 words a day just by sitting on the sofa enjoying myself.

Another new year resolution was to get working on and finish my memoir of growing up in the 1950s in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. This has not been achieved yet but a further resolution to finish and get published my Grandma’s Poetry Book is well on the way to success. I have found a fantastic illustrator. Her drawings are something to die for. I am sure the book will sell more because of her illustrations than for my poetry. We have worked well together and she has a knack of finding the right tone in the poem to highlight in a sketch. I can’t wait to see it all in print.

Winchester Writers Conference is on the horizon and I have, this year, decided to treat myself to a weekend away enjoying workshops, seminars and six one to one consultations. I have completed four of my competition entries which have to be in by Friday 24th May. Then I have to work on the work I want critiqued by authors, playwrights and publishing advisers. Here’s hoping I will get some advice for what to do with my Grandma’s Poetry Book which is being illustrated by the talented artist Denise Horn.

Now I have recovered from a nasty illness in April, I hope to get back to serious writing and work to finish some large novels which have baggy or empty middles. I am sure other writers have this problem. If you have ideas for how to solve baggy and empty middles, please comment on this post.

Meanwhile, Happy scribbling.


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