Deaf Not Daft

I would love to hear more from you for my book Deaf not Daft – growing up with a deaf sibling. A constant fight against ignorance eh

I will leave the comments below perhaps about the use of D and d
I am so tired after a very difficult day.
Thanks for keeping in touch and I do get your posts and will be back in touch after end of May although you can always tweet me or see me on Facebook at Di Castle – Writer.

I would love to hear more from ANYBODY who can give me anecdotes and interesting experiences of ignorance so I can get them all in the book and deal with it humorously so that it reaches a mass audience. Keep the comments coming even if I don’t get back immediately.

The Limping Chicken

The Secret Deafie is a series of anonymous columns written by different writers. Our Christmas eve blog is from one Deafie who finds added challenges get in the way of an enjoyable family Christmas…

I have a complex relationship with my family. I don’t mean my immediate family, who all know how deaf I am and are aware of the various rules (don’t stand in front of light, don’t cover your mouth, don’t look away etc.) and who I see regularly enough to keep reinforcing said rules.

I’m talking about my wider family, my cousins, aunts, uncles, and nowadays nieces and nephews (technically cousins-once-removed but hey, who’s counting, and they’re all cute as buttons). I don’t see them very often, usually only at big family events like weddings, funerals – and Xmas.

Though I love them all and they have never been anything less than supportive of me, this is…

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3 thoughts on “Deaf Not Daft

  1. Hi, Yes you will see the title above of the book we were talking about. This has to be at least book 3 but I think before that I need to do a couple of others which are more about how I have dealt with my own problems during my life so I will be looking for input on other topics which you may well have a view on as it will include the deaf. My mother said ‘remember the Deaf on your travels’. Now is that the right use of D and d I bet no-one outside the deaf community understands that one but perhaps they will soon eh?

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